Wood Projects For Kids

Woodworking is a hobby that can be started and enjoyed at an early age. Children can learn how to hone their artistic and creative side, while building tangible items with their hands. We’ve put together a list of projects that are focused on woodworking for kids.

These DIY projects are safe and easy to execute, while under your supervision. At the end, your children will have a finished project that they can use and enjoy.

Simple Wood​ Projects for Kids
​Introducing children to ​wood projects ​is a fantastic idea, no matter what age they are. Your kids will learn how to build and create while working with their hands, building confidence while simultaneously making something of use.

At a young age, toddlers, preschoolers, and ​even kids in kindergarten will have a lot of fun creating simple woodworking DIY projects. As they get older and turn into teens, you can expand the type of work they do, including the use of a few introductory power saws, along with more complicated and intricate designs.

Crayon Holder
This is a great idea for a woodworking project for preschoolers, as children using crayons are not at the point where they should be handling power tools. As such, this is certainly one that you’ll want to do the lions share of the work on, provided you have younger children.

However, this is also a wonderful way to give your children an intro into wood crafting, allowing them to whet their appetite. You can place the finished product on top of their desks or in the study so it’s easier for them to see which crayons they need.

Before you begin, you’re going to need :

​3 pieces of 1×3 lumber for the body of the crayon holder
​Drill with a 3/8” drill bit
Wood glue
3/8” is the bit of choice because it most closely aligns with the diameter of a pencil. If you’d prefer to use this wooden holder for something larger such as jumbo crayons, measure accordingly.


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